Youtube To

Youtube To

This is is a brief guide on how to convert youtube to mp3 free.

(1). Visit the official youtube website.

(2). Search for any videos of your choice.

(3). Click on the video.

(4). On the video page, copy the youtube video address from the address bar of your browser.

(5). Now it is time to use our free youtube downloader to convert the youtube video to mp3.

(6). Paste the youtube video url that you have copied earlier into a box provided for you.

(7). Choose any file format into which you want to convert your youtube video. It can be mp4, mp3, flv, and other available formats.

(8). Click the convert button and the process wil start and complete automatically in just a few seconds.

(9). You will be shown a unique download link for your converted youtube file.

(10). Click the link to download the file.

(11). Save it to your device and play it from there at your convenience.

This tutorial works perfectly on all internet enabled devices including Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and others. It is free of charge and you do not need to undergo any form of registration before you can start using this tool. It is as fast as possible and safe from virus and dangerous files.

Feel free to contact us for more information about this service. Also read our Terms of Use.

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